Traning for a carrer in aesthetics
Training for a Career in Aesthetics

With an estimated worth of over £3 billion in the UK alone, the growing aesthetics industry has the potential to offer healthcare professionals a lucrative and exciting career. There is a wide range of training courses available, and healthcare professionals looking to break into the field of non-surgical aesthetics can often be left with questions regarding which course could be right for them. Some important differences exist between both the training providers and the nature of the courses offered, and it is important that prospective delegates are sufficiently informed in order to make the correct choice.

Let’s consider the three main injectables courses available on the market.

The Level 7 Certificate in Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine

This OFQUAL-regulated and accredited post-graduate level qualification in injectables was the first of its kind. It is one of a small number of nationally regulated qualifications, with training and assessment adherent to externally set standards, and a process which is externally moderated. In a sector which is poorly regulated on the whole, the Level 7 Certificate is rapidly becoming the new Gold Standard in non-surgical aesthetics training. It was rolled out in response to Health Education England (HEE) and GMC guidance, following on from the publication of the Keogh Report in 2013.

Upon completion of the Level 7 Certificate, you will be eligible to join a national register of aesthetic practitioners, and in addition to the skills and knowledge gained, you will be able to boast of being the holder of one of the few nationally accredited and regulated qualifications in injectables, with the employability benefits that come with this.

Foundation Course in Injectables

Advanced Course in Injectables

Starting Your Aesthetics Career the Right Way: