Botox® training in London

Botox® training

Finding the right Botox® training in London can be a daunting task.

With so many academies promising comprehensive and accredited courses to not only medical practitioners but, astoundingly, non-medical therapists, it’s difficult to decide which one to choose; especially if you are of a medical background and wish to maintain the highest skills and safety standards possible.

Here at Interface Aesthetics in Harley Street, one of the world’s historical centres of cosmetic surgery, our aim is to make the aesthetics industry better for practitioners and safer for patients. This is why we have designed qualifications which adhere to current guidelines on safe and ethical aesthetic practice and our ethos is based on a strong commitment to training medical practitioners who are competent, ethical and industry-aware.

At Interface we ONLY train medically-qualified personnel, so as to maintain the highest possible standards as well as our belief that treatments such as Botox® should only ever be practiced by those with a medical qualification, expertise and experience in a medical setting.

Who are my Botox® trainers at Interface Aesthetics, London?

The Interface Aesthetics London training team are comprised of a group of highly-experienced doctors, dentists and surgeons. Led by Mr James Olding, the team offer a base of expertise, qualifications and experience that places us at the forefront of contemporary non-surgical aesthetics.

I am new to Botox®, as a medical practitioner in London – where do I start?

A one-day, CPD- accredited foundation course in Botox® alongside dermal fillers here at Interface Aesthetics will provide you with all the knowledge you require to perform those key treatments that you would be expected to carry out, as an independent Botox® practitioner and is the first step for any healthcare professional who is seeking a career move to the medical aesthetics industry.

Our one-day course can be taken as a stand-alone course, or, as the initial stage of your Level 7 Diploma in injectables.

What can I expect from a one-day foundation course for Botox® training at Interface Aesthetics?

At Interface Aesthetics we not only cover the theory and practice of performing Botox® and dermal filler injections for facial rejuvenation, but will also explain the business aspects, which are so vital to know, when setting up your future aesthetic practice.

We will cover the pharmacology of Botox® as well as dermal fillers, facial anatomy, dealing with complications and how to manage ongoing issues, understanding how to carry out an aesthetic consultation, facial assessment, selecting the correct treatments and products for your patients and how to become confident to perform all of the foundation techniques which are integral to your development as an aesthetic practitioner.

The foundation course comes in 2 parts. On the first part of the course, you will cover the use of Botox® in the upper face (forehead lines, crow’s feet and Glabellar lines), with the second part covering dermal filler techniques.

t Interface Aesthetics we ensure that we offer you hands-on, practical training on the techniques which are covered in your course. We do not over-fill our classes and our groups are limited to 4 delegates only. This gives you the opportunity to acquire greater exposure and more opportunities to perform the Botox® techniques, for an enriching learning experience and safe future practice.

Our learning modules are procedure-based, which means that your learning and practical skills are linked at every stage, for continuity of education and understanding.

We also make it our mission to offer a supportive learning environment, so that you will get all the educational support to meet the level, expected of you as a foundation course graduate. Not only that, but after your course is completed and you begin your new career as an independent aesthetic practitioner, we offer going access to expert advice from our team, with our exclusive graduate zone.

I am an existing Botox® practitioner but wish to learn advanced techniques in this field – is there a course for me at Interface Aesthetics London?

As an existing aesthetics practitioner, it’s vital not only to maintain your existing skills and perfect on your experience, but to learn and become competent in the more advanced treatments that Botox® has to offer.

Our one-day advanced Botox® & dermal fillers course, builds on the main techniques you will either possess or have learned on our foundation course. The course is again, hands-on in a small group of no more than 4 students, and theory covers advanced anatomy, safety concerns as well as common issues to avoid in carrying out advanced Botox® treatments. The course also covers product selection, as well as facial analysis for advanced techniques and procedures as well as building on what you have learned about ‘aesthetic consultation’ on the foundation course.

Every patient you will see during your career as an aesthetic practitioner is unique, and the skill of deciding how to treat each and every individual with a specific concern is one of the most important aspects of cosmetic enhancement using Botox®. It uses a combination of knowledge of the products which are available to you, an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of facial anatomy and the morphology of ageing; as well as your own artistic flair and technical competence. Botox® is not only utilised for facial ageing and we cover the medical treatments that can be administered in our advanced level course, as well as wrinkle-smoothing. Therefore, our advanced course will increase your existing repertoire of skills and techniques, with a strong emphasis on your decision making, following independent facial and physical analysis.

The Botox® treatments covered in our one-day advanced course are:

  • Neck – Platysma
  • Jaw slimming/teeth grinding – Massete
  • Brow lift
  • Bunny lines
  • Lower Face – Mentalis, Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO)
  • Chin – Mentalis
  • Gummy smile
  • Hyperhidrosis – underarm sweating

Any Botox® practitioner who wishes to maintain excellence within the aesthetic industry needs to choose a training academy which offers peace of mind that their courses are accredited and partnered by industry leaders. At Interface Aesthetics, our courses are VTCT Approved and we partner some of the most recognised and respected insurance companies, product manufacturers and facial surgery research foundations in the UK.

Our director Mr James Olding, along with his team of medical trainers and non-medical executives, is passionate about maintaining the highest standards in what is currently an unregulated industry, for the professional integrity of medical aesthetic professionals and the utmost safety of any patient who undergoes a Botox® treatment.

If you are considering a career in aesthetic practice and wish to learn Botox® techniques from some of the most experienced and respected medical professionals in the aesthetic industry, simply make an enquiry to speak with one of our helpful team, to help you make the informed and educated decision to train with one of the leading aesthetic academies in the UK today.

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