Dermal Fillers for the Lower Face:
A New Kid on the Block

Dermal Fillers for the Lower Face

Lower face definition can be one of the key challenges in medical aesthetics. The issues surrounding the jawline and chin are multiple, and can include the ageing process, an unbalanced profile, and poor correspondence with desired features in line with masculinity or femininity.

Masculine and feminine in this context are used in reference only to those features which are generally found in male and female faces respectively, from a developmental and hormonal perspective. In reality, there is a broad continuum of features, with most people of falling somewhere on the spectrum. How each person ultimately choses to identify and, from an aesthetic perspective, to enhance themselves, is a personal matter.

It is important that aesthetic clinicians be ready to address patients’ concerns independent of their sex at birth or otherwise. A defined jawline and a favorable profile contribute significantly to the perception of beauty in both males and females.

While there are obvious limitations to how a deficit can be addressed non-surgically, it is also important to ensure patients are aware of the options for treating this area of the face that is so fundamental to promoting self-confidence. First, it is important to establish what the patient hopes to achieve. Let’s look at examples of aesthetically masculine and feminine jawlines and discuss each in turn.

Examples are a useful way to explain how anatomy may convey a certain perceived feature or characteristic, but the ultimate assessment of a face is highly subjective, and requires an experienced practitioner with knowledge of facial anatomy and development.

Brad Pitt

A timeless example of a masculine attractive face, Brad Pitt has made a career out of his looks, of which the broad, defined jaw within a square face is an integral part. Features that make this face appear masculine can be discussed in anatomical terms:

  • Broad chin which is less pointed than in a classically feminine chin.
  • Broad jaw with bulky muscles which add to the lateral projection – the important muscle in question is called Masseter, a powerful muscle of mastication (chewing).
  • A lateral jaw projection which is in line with the cheek bones, creating a squared face which is classically masculine.
  • A relatively longer lower facial third.

Angelina Joli

An archetypal example of feminine features which are aesthetically pleasing, Angeline Jolie has a face which is immediately recognisable for may important reasons:

  • A chin which ends in a point, lacking the breadth of a classically masculine chin.
  • A defined jaw which, while prominent, is less pronounced than the cheek bones.
  • A relatively shorter lower facial third, making all three segments of the face of a similar dimension.
  • A global appearance of a heart shaped or oval face.

Treatment Options

Facial harmonization can be very successful when undertaken by knowledgeable clinicians using the right products. Achieving the desired jaw line may involve the use of Botox ® to the jaw region, as well as dermal fillers such as Juverderm ® VOLUX to add volume and define, and Juverderm ® VOLITE to improve skin elasticity and hydration. Above all, tailoring the treatment to address the clinical situation is vital, and will involve detailed consultation with the patient, comprehensive facial assessment and agreed treatment objectives between clinician and patient.

Juvederm ® VOLUX

Juvederm ® have recently added an impressive product to their range. VOLUX is a fillers designed and licensed specifically for use in the lower face. Some features of this exciting new product include:

  • Juvederm ® have recently added an impressive product to their range. VOLUX is a fillers designed and licensed specifically for use in the lower face. Some features of this exciting new product include:
  • Tissue integration early on
  • Enhanced lift capacity compared with Juvederm ® VOLUMA
  • Mouldable immediately after injection
  • The highest elasticity and cohesivity of any of the Juvederm ® products
  • The highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid of any of the Juvederm ® products

Juvederm ® VOLUX is an exciting new tool in the treatment of the lower face. Encouraging findings from clinical trials coupled with so far excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction mean it is something to consider when deciding on how to treat patients. As with all aesthetic treatments, training and knowledge are key, and as such make sure you have the training and support that you need to provide the best outcomes for your patients.