How to choose the right
medical aesthetics training academy

As a medical practitioner, you will be well aware that the aesthetic industry is thriving. Like many doctors, dentists and nurses who seek a way in which they can either supplement their income, whilst still following a career in the NHS, or who wish to move into a different area of expertise altogether; you may be considering venturing into this lucrative and rewarding sector and might be considering which aesthetic training academy to approach and how to go about making this decision.

There are literally hundreds of aesthetic academies in the UK, but we must be aware that not all are equal. If you are a medically qualified practitioner, looking to start or expand your aesthetics business, there are a few things to consider, before selecting a suitable and reputable aesthetics training academy.

Insist on ‘medical-grade’ training

If you are a medical practitioner, seek training from fellow medics. Some ‘aesthetic’ training academies are being set up and run by non-medical professionals and this can be extremely risky. Not only do non-medics not understand the vital protocols required to handle any unforeseen circumstances, some insurers will not insure non-medics and the certifications that they receive, leaving them with qualifications that are not industry standard.

Keeping within the medical field for your training, will ensure you receive the very best in education, the correct standard of certification, support by fellow medics as well as the skills and artistic flair to carry out exceptional work for your patients. It’s our duty as medics to maintain the highest standards possible, within the industry for the safety of our patients and our own, life-long reputations.

Choose a training academy recognised by industry insurers

Not only will this help you gain the insurance you require to practice a particular treatment, but being trained by an academy which is recognised by an industry leader means you are receiving the correct and appropriate qualifications and certifications to make you one of the best aesthetic practitioners in the industry. It also means, that if any unforeseen legal issues were to arise, you are being represented by superlative insurers who specialise in medical aesthetics, should you choose these insurers for your practice.

Ensure you choose an aesthetic training academy with reputable partners

  • Saving Faces – the only charity in the UK dedicated to education to reduce the incidence of facial injuries, disorders and diseases including cancer.
    CPD accreditation service – we are one of a handful of training providers offering a full menu of both CPD and academically accredited training courses.
  • VTCT – Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) is a specialist awarding and assessment organisation which offers vocational and technical qualifications in a range of service sectors. With more than 2,000 approved centres worldwide, VTCT has an ever-expanding roster throughout the UK and Ireland, with a growing international presence.
  • Hamilton Fraser & Cosmetic Insure – Interface Aesthetics training has been independently assessed and recognised by two of the leading providers of cosmetic insurance in the UK. This ensures that individuals undertaking our training are able to go on to obtain malpractice insurance and commence practice independently.
  • Allergan – A globally-recognised and world famous pharmaceutical brand, widely known for its industry-leading medical aesthetics products, ranging from Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox®) to the Juvéderm range of temporary hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Make sure your selected academy offers the option to undergo one-to-one training

The advantages of one-to-one training are obvious. Concentrated focus, best use of your time and a bespoke course to tailor to your individual needs. At Interface Aesthetics you will be learning your craft in a unique environment. Each and every training session is planned meticulously, upon discussion between yourself, Dr Olding,

Director of Interface Aesthetics & the model coordination team, in order to ensure clear learning objectives are both created and sanctioned. One-to-one training is extremely popular with those who are brand new to the industry (eg: as an adjunct to the Foundation Course), as well as with those who already possess extensive experience and are looking to perfect a particular skill or procedure.

Ensure you have ongoing support from your tutors

It’s all very well undertaking a one- or two-day training course for a specific injectable procedure, but it shouldn’t all end there. To guarantee superlative knowledge and the very best expertise and skills, ongoing support should be provided by any aesthetic training organisation. Knowing you can liaise with one of our medical trainers, here at Interface Aesthetics will give you the confidence, peace of mind and the tools to become a highly-skilled and well-respected aesthetic practitioner within the industry.

Exceptional Leadership

Director of Interface Aesthetics, Mr James Olding is a specialist registrar in oral and maxillofacial surgery in London. Together with his team of trainers and support staff, Interface Aesthetics has built an exceptional reputation for medical aesthetics training in London and beyond.

Dr Olding is a vocal proponent of both safer practice and stricter regulations, within the non-surgical aesthetic industry and splits his practice between working within the NHS and offering the highest standards of non-surgical aesthetics training, only to medical healthcare professionals.

Dr Olding strongly believes that an industry that lacks standard and regulation, it is vital that all medical practitioners maintain the highest standards possible for cosmetic injectables in their practice. Interface aesthetics offers the highest quality training in aesthetic non-surgical procedures and ongoing development and skill mastery; drawing on expertise from all aspects of medical practice.

Choosing the right aesthetics training in London

When seeking a reputable, quality training provider, it’s important to take in to consideration, that as a medical practitioner, you will be continuing to maintain the best standards of aesthetic practice that the UK can offer. Therefore, choosing a training academy which offers recognised qualifications, which teams with partners who uphold industry excellence and which offers ongoing support to all of its medically-qualified students, you can be confident that your education and subsequent aesthetic practice, will fly the flag for excellence in this field of cosmetic medicine.

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