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Our courses have been developed to provide the greatest possible exposure to real patients

Interface Aesthetics has a proven track record of getting our delegates into independent practice. Working with the industry leaders, and ensuring all training is hands-on and practically oriented, our delegates have the confidence to start independent work immediately after our courses. All teaching is firmly grounded in anatomy, and delivered by doctors with backgrounds in head & neck surgery and aesthetics.

We offer a complete menu of Botox® and Dermal Fillers training courses, ranging from Foundation and Advanced Courses where delegates will be injecting live models from the outset, to the OFQUAL-regulated Level 7 Certificate in Injectables in which delegates will observe and treat over 40 patients as part of building an aesthetics portfolio.

We exclusively train healthcare professionals, and as such we are able to provide a level of training commensurate with the healthcare qualifications and experience of our delegates. Learning in this way allows the course to move faster, ensuring delegates are pushed, while maintaining a supportive training environment. From the outset, tuition is patient-focused, with an emphasis on putting into action the theory behind safe and successful aesthetic practice.

Why Choose Interface Aesthetics

Why Choose Interface Aesthetics

Regulated & Accredited Training

  • We are one of a handful of training providers offering the OFQUAL-regulated Level 7 Certificate in Injectables - the new Gold Standard in Botox® & Dermal Fillers training
  • All of our training courses are CPD-accredited
  • Our Botox® & Dermal Fillers courses are recognised by the leading cosmetic insurance providers

Surgically-inspired training

  • Our teaching is designed and led by Doctors in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Aesthetics
  • Theoretical and practical training that is evidence-based, and firmly grounded in safety and anatomy


  • Build your portfolio and gain experience injecting patients from the outset of all our courses
  • Over the Level 7 Course, delegates will observe and treat 40 patients over multiple training days


We offer a full selection of courses, ranging from the OFQUAL-regulated Level 7 Certificate in Injectables, to stand-alone Foundation, Advanced and Masterclass training courses.

Live Model Patients

All tuition is patient-focussed, and delegates will inject real patients from the very start of all courses

Small Groups

Our teaching groups never exceed more than 3-4 delegates per tutor

Proven Track Record

  • We have a record of guiding our delegates into successful independent practice.
  • All courses involve teaching on Aesthetic Business set-up and Marketing

Adherence to best practice guidelines

  • Our training follows guidance set out by Health Education England (HEE) and the GMC
  • We exclusively train healthcare professionals

Partners & Accreditations

Partners & Accreditations

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About The Founder

About The Founder

Dr James Olding is a GMC-registered surgical doctor, training in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He is a Member of The Royal College of Surgeons of England. He has built on his passion for facial surgery and aesthetics through developing non-surgical aesthetic training courses that meet the needs of tomorrow's practitioners. Dr James graduated with MBChB with honours from the University of Bristol Medical School in 2012, as well as obtaining a BSc (Honours) in Medical Law and Ethics. As part of ongoing training in Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr James is currently working towards dual qualification through studying Dentistry at King's College London. Dr James bases training on the two pillars of competent practice in healthcare; knowledge and skills. The formula is simple: With sufficient knowledge it is possible to develop practical skills, and with sufficient hands-on experience it is possible to develop competency in a skill. Building upon his extensive training in medicine, surgery and dentistry, Dr James places detailed knowledge of head, neck and facial anatomy at the heart of aesthetic training. He has multiple publications in the area of facial surgery, and has a special interest in facial trauma.

Who we train

Who we train

If you are a doctor, dentist or nurse interested in training in medical aesthetics, Interface Aesthetics has the courses to equip you with the knowledge and skills to achieve confidence and competence in this exciting and dynamic field.
Interface Aesthetics courses are designed for registered healthcare professionals, and require a background understanding of key healthcare principles and clinical skills. Our courses are suitable for:
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses and Midwives
  • Pharmacists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Physiotherapists
  • ODPs
  • Overseas healthcare professionals
non surgical aesthetics trainingnon surgical aesthetics trainingnon surgical aesthetics trainingnon surgical aesthetics training

Why Train in Aesthetic Medicine?

Why Train in Aesthetic Medicine?









Interface Aesthetics courses are designed for healthcare professionals - doctors, dentists, nurses & midwives. The courses require a background understanding of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, as well as clinical experience of dealing with patients.

We offer Foundation & Advanced courses in the use of Botox ® and dermal filler, as well as Masterclass courses covering advanced lip, tear trough and facial harmonization techniques.

The Foundation Course is a starting point for healthcare professionals looking to start in non-surgical aesthetics. It is also necessary to have completed a recognised course in order to obtain cosmetic malpractice insurance - Interface Aesthetics' courses are fully accredited and recognised - providing delegates with a certificate with which they can obtain insurance.

The Advanced Course is designed for practitioners who have already undertaken a Foundation Course, and are looking to learn a broader range of techniques which are beyond the scope of a Foundation Course.​

The Masterclasses are designed for delegates who are experienced and looking to perfect these popular and important techniques, or as part of a package of training in addition to our other course, as part of becoming the complete aesthetic practitioner.

Yes, as long as you have undertaken an approved course (for example, an approved Foundation Course), then you are able to undertake further training (eg: Advanced Course training) with us.

Delegates will learn how to carry out the most commonly requested procedures in non-surgical aesthetics using Botox ® and dermal filler.

The Botox ® procedures involve the upper face, specifically the forehead, the brow and around the eyes ("crows feet"). The Botox ® training takes place over one entire day, and involves 2 hours of lectures followed by a full day of injecting live model patients, This ensures delegates get the maximum hands-on experience.

The Dermal Filler procedures are lip augmentation, Marionette line filler, nasolabial filler and cheek bone augmentation. Again, the Dermal Filler training takes place over a full day, directly following the Botox ® day, and consists in 2 hours of lectures followed by most of the day injecting patients.'

Delegates will learn how to carry out Botox® procedures including on the neck, in the armpit (hyperhidrosis), brow lift, bunny lines, gummy smile, jaw reduction/muscle reduction for jaw clenching. Delegates will also learn Dermal Filler procedures including advanced cheeks filler, jawline filler, chin augmentation, tear trough filler and temple filler. The use of cannulas will also be covered.
Our courses put hands-on practical experience at the very heart of training. All teaching is delivered in small groups, with a maximum of 4 delegates per trainer, and all injecting is carried out on live model patients. This ensures our delegates can grow in both confidence and competence, and means the step on to becoming an independent practitioner will be a smoother one. In addition to the above, our courses are CPD accredited, recognised by the two leading insurers for cosmetics in the UK, and partnered with the pharmaceutical company and industry leader, Allergan. Our training is designed and delivered by doctors with backgrounds in Maxillofacial Surgery & Aesthetics, ensuring detailed anatomical content which will make delegates safer and more confident practitioners.
This is a rapidly expanding industry, with potential for continued growth over the coming years. Working either part-time as a supplement to a healthcare role, or starting out a new full-time career, there are significant opportunities in aesthetics. These include potential remuneration, greater autonomy, work flexibility, setting up and running your own business and professional fulfilment at having a positive impact on your patients and how they feel.

Hugely rewarding in all senses

Hugely rewarding in all senses

A career in medical aesthetics can be hugely rewarding in all senses. It is a rapidly growing area, with continuous advances in techniques and technology. To be at the forefront of such an area is hugely exciting. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are rapidly becoming the new normal, and wide and diverse demographic groups now seek aesthetic treatment to manage the signs of ageing and enhance natural features.
Being successful in aesthetics can be extremely lucrative; all work is private, and your skills will be evermore in demand in line with the expansion of the aesthetic medicine field.

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