One-To-One Training in Botox®
& Dermal Filler

Course overview

One-to-one training offers the opportunity for focused, bespoke, hands-on training in a unique learning environment with Interface Aesthetics Director Mr James Olding or senior clinical trainer Dr Davina Wilson.




Each session is planned meticulously on discussion between the delegate, Mr Olding & the model coordination team to ensure clear learning objectives are set and met. One-to-one training is equally popular with those who are brand new to the industry (eg: as an adjunct to the Foundation Course), as well as those with extensive experience looking to perfect a certain skill or procedure.

The format for training follows the Interface Aesthetics principles of being 100% hands-on, with real patients.The one-to-one format makes for a truly unique environment, enabling directly observed feedback, training from start to finish in an entirely new skill (eg: Profile balancing) or patient group (eg: Male patients and facial masculinisation). It also enables delegates to improve and perfect a broader range of skills that they may already possess and be using in clinical practice.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what previous delegate Dr Roberta Corona thought of her two days of one-to-one training spent with Mr Olding:

Why Choose Our One-To-One

The first key question is whether one-to-one training could be the right option for you. The cost-benefit balance of undertaking small group training versus one-to-one tuition is very much dependent on your individual needs, background, previous training and career plans and goals. If you are wanting to progress rapidly away from your previous role (perhaps elsewhere in healthcare) towards independent aesthetics practice, one-to-one training could significantly speed up that process and give you the confidence required to achieve your goals more rapidly.

In this case, the larger investment would bear dividends in a quicker, more tangible way. Similarly, if you have a specific area that you wish to perfect under the supervision of Mr Olding or Dr Wilson, it is possible that this would be best served in a one-to-one format taking a highly bespoke approach to tuition and patient selection.

Once you have decided that one-to-one training is for you, you must then consider who you would like to lead this training. At Interface Aesthetics, all one-to-one training is delivered by Director Mr James Olding, who is a dual-qualified doctor and a dentist, or Dr Davina Wilson who is a senior clinical trainer at Interface Aesthetics.

This guarantee of who will lead your training offers a peace of mind that is often lacking in other training settings; ensuring your investment in training bears the greatest reward is crucial, and at Interface Aesthetics we take this very seriously, with transparent information about what your training will involve and who your training will be led by.

James Olding director and lead trainer at Interface Aesthetics

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