Polynucleotide training course

Course overview

The Interface Aesthetics Polynucleotides Training Course, in partnership with CROMA PHARMA UK, will train delegates in the use of injectable polynucleotides. Regenerative medicine is a growing field within Medical Aesthetics, and patients and practitioners alike are becoming more aware of polynucleotides as a regenerative skin treatment.


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The move towards regenerative treatments is a reflection of the growing acceptance and understanding of aesthetic medicine as a field that firmly bridges both the medical and the cosmetic.

Patients are also seeking minimally invasive treatments that can complement other injectable treatments (such as anti-wrinkle treatments and HA-based filler). There are different types of polynucleotides available currently – at Interface Aesthetics we are working exclusively with the PhilArt range of polynucleotides (Croma Pharma UK).

What Are PhilArt Polynucleotides?

A growing trend in medical aesthetics

In the aesthetics market consumer attitudes are shifting when it comes to wellness, beauty, and healthy aging. Restoring the radiance and youthfulness of the skin is a new way of taking care of our outer beauty.

While sun damage, scar tissues, unhealthy lifestyle effect our skin and the way we are perceived Polynucleotides can restore damages thus bring back the smooth, firm texture of the skin.
Chroma-Pharma PhilArt approach description

Unique technology for high safety and efficacy

PN-HPT® (POLYNUCLEOTIDES – HIGH PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY) are of natural origin derived from freshwater fish intended for human consumption. The European based production facility provides total control of the manufacturing chain ensuring the safety of its products through the unique high purification technology.
In addition to this, over 70 years of research and 100+ published studies presented at national and international congresses support the safety and efficacy of polynucleotides.
Features of PN-HPT

What the Polynucleotide Training Course Involves

This one-day polynucleotide course consists in an initial theory session, followed by hands-on injecting with real model patients across a broad range of indications. This course is suitable for beginners who have undertaken their initial training in injectables, as well as more advanced injectors looking to start providing this novel treatment.
Delegates will obtain CPD accreditation, and a certificate of completion enabling them to add this treatment to their portfolio.
Delegates will also be provided with detailed treatment protocols based on the PhilArt polynucleotide range, including treatments for:

    • Face
    • Eyes
    • Neck
    • Hair/Scalp
    • Scars

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