Bridging the surgical-non-surgical divide

Bridging the surgical-non-surgical divide: The interface between surgery and non-surgery and why it’s the future of aesthetics

In the rapidly evolving field of aesthetic medicine, the boundary between surgical and non-surgical treatments is becoming increasingly blurred. Patients seeking facial enhancements now have a diverse range of options that span the spectrum from non-invasive procedures to complex surgical interventions.

Practising and teaching aesthetics, as well as working as a Specialist Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, has given me a unique perspective on how these two areas work synergistically. I live and breathe both surgical and non-surgical and love proving that we don’t have to choose one or the other, that we can learn a lot from each other, and that there doesn’t have to be a division between the two.

In the past, patients considering aesthetic enhancements often faced a binary choice: opt for a surgical procedure or settle for non-surgical treatments. Surgical procedures were associated with higher risks, longer recovery times, and often a more dramatic transformation. On the other hand, non-surgical treatments offered a more subtle change with minimal downtime but were limited in the extent of enhancement they could provide.

However, advancements in technology and techniques have paved the way for a convergence of these two approaches. Non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, laser therapies, and chemical peels, are now capable of achieving results, once only possible through surgery. Conversely, surgical procedures have become more refined and less invasive, reducing downtime and optimising natural-looking outcomes.

FACEExpo 2023

As an injector and surgeon, no one is more passionate about this interface of surgical and non-surgical aesthetics than me, and this is what led me to set up FACExpo and FACExpert.

With only a few weeks to go until our 2023 events, here are some insights into what you can learn if you invest this time with us.

FACEExpo 2023

After the successful launch of our first event in November 2022, The Facial Aesthetics Careers and Education Expo (FACExpo) returns in 2023.

This unique event is specifically designed for entry-level healthcare professionals and will take place on Sunday, November 5, 2023 at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London.

The comprehensive one-day educational programme features high-calibre speakers, FACExpo is a one-day educational programme showcasing the latest evidence-based teachings, ideas, and innovations in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetics.
At the core of our programme is a faculty of industry experts and global Key Opinion Leaders, who will deliver a rich agenda of presentations and round table discussions. This will focus on clinical cases, training pathways, consultations, and treatments, ensuring attendees gain invaluable insights and knowledge in this rapidly evolving field.
FACExpo has a growing research component, and this aspect is integral to adding educational value for event delegates.

This year, we will be showcasing research undertaken in innovative and advancing areas of aesthetics practice, and central to this will be the growing cohort of mentees on the Junior Trainer Mentorship Scheme (JTMS).

Read the full agenda, find out more and secure your place today:

FACExpert 2023

FACExpert is a pioneer event that brings together the expertise of facial surgeons and dermatologists to provide advanced non-surgical aesthetics education. It aims to bridge the gap between surgical and non-surgical approaches and promote the learning of advanced facial anatomy in the aesthetic mainstream.

The event is open to registered healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists, and nurses, who are already established in the non-surgical aesthetics market. The event is also designed for surgeons of all levels and specialties who are interested in how non-surgical aesthetics treatments may relate to, integrate with and complement surgical aesthetics practice.

The one-day meeting will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. It will feature a lecture theatre-based educational programme led by expert injectors, surgeons, and global KOLs, with a post-event networking session with drinks and canapes.

The programme is designed for experienced injectors and surgeons who wish to deepen their understanding of facial anatomy and the key interface between surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Read the full agenda, find out more and secure your place today:

Shaping the future of aesthetic medicine

The synergy between surgical and non-surgical approaches is the future of aesthetic medicine. Patients now have the luxury of selecting personalised treatment plans that combine the best of both worlds.

The FACExpert and FACExpo 2023 events exemplify this harmonious blend, creating an environment where professionals can collaborate, learn, and innovate, bringing forth a new era of aesthetics that prioritises patient-centred, comprehensive care through a seamless fusion of surgical and non-surgical expertise.