Levelling up

Taking your injectable skills to the next level

Are you an experienced aesthetic practitioner looking to enhance your skills as an injector? If you want to take your expertise to the next level, you may consider adding some advanced facial rejuvenation techniques to your armamentarium.

Becoming a master aesthetic practitioner requires a deep understanding of how to address patients’ various concerns. These techniques demand a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and honing your skills as an injector to allow you to sculpt, shape, and define features in advanced areas such as the nose, lips, lower face and jawline, and periorbital region.

Interface Aesthetics Masterclasses

At Interface Aesthetics, we offer specialised masterclasses that provide dedicated training in complex areas of facial aesthetics.

Our masterclasses focus on the most commonly requested treatments, which are also some of the most complex, with safety considerations and potential pitfalls that require special attention.

With an emphasis on hands-on practical training, our masterclasses are designed for practitioners with previous experience looking to perfect their areas of practice.

Our goal is to make practitioners safer and more confident, and our masterclass training offers essential mentorship in these challenging yet highly sought-after procedures.

We also provide bespoke one-to-one training sessions for practitioners who want to progress more rapidly or focus on specific areas according to their needs.

Here’s a rundown of our four Masterclass Courses:

  • Masterclass in peri-oral rejuvenation and advanced lip augmentation
    This comprehensive training covers advanced anatomy of the perioral region, assessing for volume loss, addressing perioral lines and lip asymmetry, considerations for safety, product selection, and techniques involving both needles and cannulas.
  • Masterclass in peri-orbital rejuvenation and tear trough treatment
    Our peri-orbital rejuvenation and tear trough treatment masterclass provides an in-depth understanding of the advanced anatomy of the mid and upper face, assessing for volume loss around the eyes and mid-face, safety considerations, product selection, and techniques using needles and cannulas.
  • Masterclass in The Non-Surgical Facelift and facial harmonisation
    Our masterclass on the non-surgical facelift and facial harmonisation explores the advanced global assessment of the face, recent advances in practical facial harmonisation, considerations for different genders, assessing for volume loss systematically, safety considerations, product selection, and insights into the latest industry trends and techniques.
  • Masterclass in the jaw, chin, and lower face
    For practitioners interested in the lower face and jawline, we have a new masterclass specifically focusing on these areas. This training covers advanced anatomy of the lower face and neck, recent advances in products and techniques, assessing for volume loss systematically, techniques involving both Botox® and dermal fillers, adding jawline definition and size, jawline slimming, profile analysis, gender-specific treatments, safety considerations, and product selection.

FACExpert 2023 – Taking education to the next level

If you’re seeking even more advanced education, we invite you to join us for FACExpert 2023.

Open to registered healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, and nurses, who are already established in the non-surgical aesthetics market, as well as trainee and Consultant Surgeons who are interested in exploring this key interface, the one-day meeting is being held at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London on November 4, 2023. It will feature a lecture theatre-based educational programme with breakout sessions led by expert injectors, surgeons, and global key opinion leaders (KOLs).

The event is designed to deepen the understanding of facial anatomy, explore the interface between surgical and non-surgical approaches, and provide attendees with the latest knowledge and techniques in the field. FACExpert builds on the success of FACExpo, catering to the educational needs of established practitioners.

In summary
Taking your injectable skills to the next level requires ongoing education and training in advanced techniques.

Interface Aesthetics offers masterclasses focused on complex areas of facial aesthetics, enabling practitioners to perfect their practice in high-demand treatments. For those seeking even more advanced education, FACExpert 2023 offers a comprehensive programme to bridge the gap between surgical and non-surgical approaches.

By mastering these advanced techniques, practitioners can expand their scope of non-surgical aesthetic practice and address the increasing demand for treatments.

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