The Power of Mentorship

How having a mentor can shape your success

Mentorship is not a new concept. It’s used in many industries, including medicine, to facilitate a deeper level of learning and development when you enter a new career or field. Yet in the competitive and unregulated world of aesthetics, opportunities for mentoring have not been widely available.

This means that aspiring professionals are often left to navigate the complex aesthetics industry alone.

While theoretical knowledge and practical skills are undoubtedly important, the guidance and support of a mentor can be invaluable in shaping your career trajectory and have a huge impact on your personal and professional growth.

I am passionate about working with the doctors of the future and found that I was constantly being asked the same questions by trainees, such as how to train, where to get reliable information and how best to obtain ongoing support and mentorship.

After carrying out teaching and research with undergraduate medics and dentists, it became clear that despite concerns and hesitation among undergraduate and recently graduated health professionals, the interest in facial aesthetics was huge.

That’s why we developed the Junior Trainee Mentorship Scheme (JTMS), a first-of-its-kind not-for-profit scheme designed to provide mentorship to individuals pursuing a career in facial aesthetics.

Why get a mentor?

Mentorship is effectively a partnership between a seasoned professional, the mentor, and a less-experienced individual, the mentee. The mentor serves as a guide, offering advice and encouragement at the same time as sharing their knowledge and experience.

A mentor acts as a trusted confidant, providing support and helping the mentee navigate challenges along their journey by providing valuable insights that you just don’t get on a course alone.

Mentors possess a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields. By sharing their knowledge, mentors can accelerate a mentee’s learning process.

In the field of aesthetics, where continuous learning is vital, having a mentor can be instrumental in staying up-to-date with the latest techniques, trends, and advancements.

The Interface Aesthetics Junior Trainee Mentorship Scheme (JTMS) for Facial Aesthetics

The Junior Trainee Mentorship Scheme (JTMS) offered by Interface Aesthetics is a structured mentorship program tailored to individuals pursuing a career in facial aesthetics.

The Junior Trainee Mentorship Scheme (JTMS) offered by Interface Aesthetics is a structured mentorship program tailored to individuals pursuing a career in facial aesthetics.

The JTMS offers a comprehensive mentorship experience, particularly crucial during the early stages of your career. Not only does it grant mentees access to top-notch, evidence-based webinars throughout the year, but it also provides exclusive clinical observation days specifically for undergraduate and junior trainees, providing a well-rounded learning experience. On these observation days, mentees actively participate in assessing, marking up, and observing real patients undergoing injectable treatments.

Embarking on a career in aesthetics can be both exciting and challenging. The transformative power of mentorship should not be underestimated in this journey. Having a mentor can significantly shape your personal and professional growth.

The scheme is coordinated by Zeanab Chaer, a third-year dental student at King’s College London, working closely with myself (Mr James Olding).

Interested in the JTMS?

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